Housing Closures:

  • Clamp closures
  • Swing bolt closures
  • Hinged lid closures

Pressure gauges:

  • Plastic
  • Oil Filled


Inexpensive 0-10 barG plastic pressure gauge with diaphragm to prevent the liquid contacting the moving parts of the gauge.  Gauge has two adjustable coloured arrows so an operator can set the clean pressure drop value with the green arrow add 1 bar to that value and set the red arrow.  This means that one pressure gauge monitors the differential pressure rise across a filter medium.


Displacement Balloons:


A stainless steel displacement float or balloon is employed to reduce the internal volume of a filter bag by approx. 1/3. This makes bag removal easier and potentially less messy.  They are used for viscous liquids, expensive liquids and hazardous liquids.


If you require a a filtration accessory which does not appear in the above list, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we do carry a wide variety of accessories and spare parts not displayed here.


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