Pearl Filtration is now manufacturing and supplying high quality products for Air purification covering all components of Air Conditioning.  Pearl Filtration provides custom Air Filtration solutions to a wide variety of industries, and most particularly in the areas of compressed, sterile and air conditioning.  Contact us for all your Air Conditioning and Filtration requirements and we guarantee we will have a solution perfect for your application.  We design and manufacture standard and non-standard Filters and frames on site from single applications to a commercial scale.  HVAC filters are all Australian made on site.


Panel Filter using Electrostatic Air Filtration

Ideal for residential use this 100% washable filter has been designed for ducted air systems as the air flow through the panel is large yet the capture of particles is great due to the electrostatic properties of the filter media.   The media can also be vacuum cleaned.  Standard and non-standard sizes available.

Rangehood Filters

Australian Made reasonably priced domestic kitchen canopy filters 10mm thick utilizing a patented honeycomb aluminum mesh to trap and coalesce.  Customer to provide dimensions for manufacture.







Pearl Filtration holding frames are made in Australia from 1.2mm thick Australian steel.  The high quality ludwig clips positively seal up to 50mm filters or up to 100mm deep filters.

These sturdy holding frames will provide many years of trouble free use.




V-Form Panel Filters

Made in aluminised or stainless steel frames. V-Forms use a pleated media and has a larger surface area compared to panel filters. V- Form filters are mounted in slides or standard mounting frames.  They are available in either 50mm or 100mm deep and whilst there is a range of standard sizes, non-standard sizes are available upon request.  V-form filters are fully washable.

Flat Panel Filters

Used for ventilation purposes.  Two frame depths being 8mm or 11mm. The filters have support bars fitted on the air leaving side to prevent the media bulging under load.  The panels are manufactured to any size but multiple panels are preferable to single large panels. Some of the media used are cleanable and washable.

Commercial Grease Filters

These filters are designed for commercial kitchen canopy operation.  They are manufactured from multiple layers of corrugated and open weave aluminium to create a depth bed for grease penetration, condensation and collection. Ideally grease filters should be cleaned daily and these filters can be cleaned in hot water of using steam.  Frame is 48mm thick.  They are made to customer?s dimensions.

Deep Bed Air Filters

These filters use a specific media in a square holding frame with a depth capability for long service life and good particulate removal.  Sometimes called Multi Wedge.  These filters are made up into multi bank arrangements for large scale dust removal.

Replaceable Pad Filter RPF

A filter holding frame is fixed into an installation with a removable gate.  This allows the media to be replaced only.  Whilst the capital cost is higher, the running costs are less as only the media is replaced.  Available in standard sizes at 50mm deep.

moisture eradicator

Moisture Eliminators

The Cascade Moisture eliminator is essentially a high velocity weather louver with a low operating pressure drop.  They are ideal for first stage separation to any intake system affected by high moisture content.  Available in aluminum or stainless steel for exposed coastal applications.  They must be installed vertically to allow for drainage and evaporation.


  Pearl Filtration is located at 23-25 Michellan Court, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia and is your most reliable, cost effective commercial filter company. We service customers Australia wide.  Call us on (03) 9720 2933.  Email