Pearl Filtration specialises in quality Air purification equipment for the purpose
of Air Conditioning.  Pearl Filtration provides custom Air Filtration solutions to a wide variety of industries, and most particularly in the areas of compressed, sterile and air conditioning.  Contact us for all your Air Conditioning and Filtration requirements and we can find a solution perfect for your application.  We design and manufacture standard and non-standard Filters and frames on site from domestic applications to a commercial scale.






COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT RANGE                             





Made in high quality aluminised or stainless steel frames. Uses a pleated media and has a larger surface area compared to panel filters. The filters are mounted in slides or standard
mounting frames. V-Forms are available in either 50mm or
100mm deep and whilst there is a range of standard sizes,
non-standard sized V-Forms are available upon request.






Pearl Filtration holding frames are made in Australia from 1.2mm thick Australian steel.  The high quality ludwig clips positively seal up to 50mm filters or up to 100mm deep filters.

These sturdy holding frames will provide many years of trouble free use.






Used for ventilation purposes. Two frame depths being
8mm or 11mm. The filters have support bars fitted on the
air leaving side to prevent the media bulging under
load. The panels are manufactured to any size but multiple
panels are preferable to single large panels. Some of the
media used are cleanable and washable.





These filters are designed for commercial kitchen canopy operation. They are manufactured from multiple layers of corrugated and open weave aluminium to create a depth bed for grease penetration, condensation and collection. Ideally grease filters should be cleaned daily and these filters can be
cleaned in hot water of using steam.  Frame is 48mm thick.  They are made to required dimensions. Pearl Filtration provides custom Air Filtration solutions to a wide variety of industries, and most particularly in the areas of compressed, sterile and air conditioning.





This throwaway air filter is the most common type. Layered fiberglass fibers are laid over each other to form the filter media and typically are reinforced with a metal grating that supports the fiberglass to prevent failure and collapse.  Fiberglass media supplied in rolls or cut pads.




These units filter the air passing through them at a very fine scale.  (Can supply)





Apart from 'clean steam' which is generated in a specific dedicated boiler, there are many areas which can contribute to contamination and particulate build up in a steam delivery system and which require filtration.  Used in  culinary to produce clean steam to prevent corrosion.


 We also supply top hat filters.


Polyester Air Filtration Media 


Sold in the roll 2.1 metres x 50 metres. This non woven needle punched air filtration media is available in 410gm or 500gm. Full specifications are available. We can either supply the bags fully made to customer?s specification, per metre or cut pads.  Treated to make it water and oil repellent is available but not a stock line.


Anti static Polyester needle felt Media


With anti static scrim is a stock item. It has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 130ºC.


Carbon Fibre Blended Polyester felt Media


Similar characteristics to anti static felt Media.


PPS (Ryton) Needle Punched media 500gm


Used for higher temperature applications with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 190ºC.


Acrylic Needle felt Media


Used is used where polyester is not suitable. It has a higher tensile strength than polyester felt.


PTFE Coated Polyester Needle felt Media


Has a high tensile strength and a wide chemical compatability.  PTFE Felt is more expensive than other felts and compares in performance to P84. P84 is 500gm whereas PTFE felt is 750gm.


Nomex Punched needle felt Media 


Has a high tensile strength and a maximum continuous working temperature of 204ºC.

P84 has been developed to handle a maximum continuous working  temperature of 260ºC.

Its tensile strength and air permeability are not rated as high as other materials. 






Pearl Filtration Filter Media rolls