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Pearl Filtration is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Cartridge filter housings, with a large range and ongoing supply.  Located in Bayswater, Victoria to clients Australia wide.


Cartridge Filter Housings:  Available in Plastic, Stainless Steel and Sanitary grade finish, Housings are available for all flowrates and applications.  Click on the links below to be shown an informative PDF flyer about each product:


PlasticFilterHousing.jpg - small

Plastic Cartridge Housing

Pearl Filtration stock a comprehensive range of plastic housings used for water filtration.  We can assemble systems for undersink filters at home or for caravans.  Clear housings are used when it is important to see the filter element but the normal housing is opaque.  The plastic housings are available in sizes ¼?, ½? ,3/4? and 1? and can suit 5?, 10? or 20? filter cartridges. 
BigBlueHousingimage.JPG - smallBig Blue Series The polypropylene housing can be used in many applications from house filtration to machine filters and eyebath pre-filters.  They are economical and are supplied with a plastic ring spanner and L shaped bracket for wall mounting.  A variety of filter elements ranging from  0.35 micron to 100 micron are available.

HPPC Plastic Filter Housing

The HPPC housing is comparable to the X100B or X100C housings.  The cartridge is a large diameter graded depth and is stocked in micron ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron.  The housing is ideal for low pressure water applications at ambient operating temperature.  A plastic diaphragm gauge is an optional extra.  

Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Housing

304 or 316 all stainless steel housings with either ¾? or 1? BSP threaded ports can be used for hot water, machine filtration or endoscopy filters.  They have a polished finish and accept either a Double Open Ended or code 3 cartridge.


  • Stainless steel strainer basket - Designed to fit Pearl Filtration Filter housings.  Filtration range from 100micron woven wire mesh to 5mm perforated holes.

3, 5 and 7 round cartridge Housings 

Stainless Steel Cartridge filters used from food ingredient filtration to restaurants and mine-site drinking water stations.  The 3 round cluster housing has Triclover clamp seals and the 5 and 7 round have 2? BSP ports as standard.  A simple single clamp secures the top cover. 

Multi Round Cartridge Housings 

These vessels can be built to good industrial standard or CE or ASME codes or AS1210 code depending upon the application.  These stainless steel housings are normally built to order although Pearl Filtration does keep some 15 round housings in stock. 

Single Sanitary Style Housing

These high grade housings are fabricated from 316L stainless steel and are used for Still Water, RO Water, Spring Water and Sparkling Water.  Often they are used at the Point-of-Use in a purified Water system



Multiple Round Sanitary Housings

image coming soon.....

All stainless sanitary housing used throughout the production of Wine , Beer, sprits pharmaceutical products and high purity water systems.  Pearl Filtration has a wide range of industry standard cartridges which are suitable for most sanitary style housings. 

Virgin Polypropylene Filter housings

image coming soon.....

These all polypropylene cartridges suit a Millipore style filter cartridge with BS 222 O rings and either a sealed flat top or a bayonet fitting. The housings are used for purified water systems, beer production and specialty liquid filtration. They filters have a ¾? BSP port as standard.



VIL Sanitary Style Triclover 1" ports.T



Pearl Filtration stock and supply a wide range of other specialty cartridge filter housings. 


 Pearl Filtration is located at 23-25 Michellan Court, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia and is your most reliable, cost effective commercial filter company. We service customers Australia wide.  Call us on 03 9720 3101 or email