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Pearl Filtration is a quality supplier of Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges.  The advantages of these are that they are inexpensive, their graded depth characteristics ensure a longer service life, they have higher efficiency ratings than non-melt blown cartridges with filtration from 0.5 - 120 microns, and the Polypropylene micro-fibre material is compatible with many liquids.



Synopex SYP filter cartridges are a graded density melt blown polypropylene depth filters.  Their solid structure removes the need for an inner core and top and bottom gasket.  These are replacements to wound string cartridges and spongy spun bonded cartridges. Graded density means that particles are trapped within the structure, rather than just on the surface, resulting in both long life and excellent particle retention.   Made from FDA approved materials, SYP cartridges are the ideal pre-filter.  Click here for futher details: Page 1    Technical specifications:  Page 2




Other Depth Cartridges available are the above Polypropylene Depth Cartridges, however we also get a lot of orders for String Wound Depth Cartridges.






Depth Filter Cartridge to suit X100 filter housings.




If you require a Depth Filter Cartridge which is not detailed above, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we carry a wide variety of specialty filtration cartridges not displayed here.


  Pearl Filtration is located at 23-25 Michellan Court, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia. We service customers Australia wide. Contact us on 03 9720 3101

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