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Pearl Filtration supplies a variety of Filter Bag Housings direct from our factory located in Bayswater, Victoria to clients Australia wide.


Pearl Filtration stocks a wide range of Filter Bag Housings (also called Filter bag Vessels) ranging from single to multibag Housings in Stainless Steel or Polpropylene Plastic Housings, our quality Housings are suitable for line sizes from 1/4" up to 10". 


Filter Bag Housings:  For chemical, food & beverage, paints and any high flow viscous type products. Vessels are corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. These are recommended for flow rates up to 500 l/min. 


  • HECB Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing
HECB Bag Housing Stainless Steel 

The HECB range of filter housings holds a single size 2 filter bag. 


The standard configuration is top side in/bottom out but it is also available as top side in/side out as per photo. This configuration is ideal for duplexing filters as Duty/Standby or for flowrates up to 900 l/min.


The lid is hinged for safety.  Just three swing bolts seal the top cover  for trouble free access to the internals.  Available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. 


Underground coal mining requires a high pressure housing to handle 350 psi for high pressure filtrations.  The HECB can be manufactured to handle higher pressures.


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  • Clamp Bag Filter Housings
BCXseriesFilterhousi1.JPG - small


Used primarily for water filtration these robust housings have a single clamp that secures the top lid in place.  They are used for all types of water including groundwater, process water, bore water and waste water applications.  They are ideal for pre-RO and for UV filtration.  They are supplied in either 304 or 316 stainless steel and are supplied with tripod legs.


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  • Swing Bolt Bag Filter Housings
HEXBFilterHousing.JPG - small



This top liner housing has two chambers in the top cover so there is no free space above the filter bag.  It is the only bag housing which can be sanitary polished up to 400grit.


This is the filter pot of choice for food and beverage production as well as fine chemicals and viscous liquids.  The hinged lid is designed to remains up when the bag is being changed.


Used for plastic polylok style filter bags. See Displacement floats and dual flow bags for ways to reduce internal volumes.



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BWX732-3StubPhoto001.jpg - small


The same as the BCX except that sealing is achieved by six swing bolts.  The housing is rated to 10 barG operating pressure and is preferred when constant bag changing is required.  BWX housings are used for most applications and with a choice of Buna, Viton or EPDM ?O? rings they are used for many chemical applications as well.  Supplied with legs and vent valve.


BBFPlasticHousing.JPG - small

BBF Plastic Bag Filter Housing .

An economical plastic filter bag housing used for general water applications.  The bowl unscrews from the head using a supplied plastic spanner.  The inlet and outlet are inline with a face to face dimension of 180mm.  Supplied with wall bracket and optional inlet outlet pressure gauges.  Available in 10? and 20? version.



HLTB Liquid Transfer Filters


The HLTB is used around tanks and troughs and where graviry fed fluid transfer is required.  Some filter bags are attached directly to feed pipes and a filter housing is therefore not required. However unsupported filter bags can rupture, particularly when expected to hold a heavy amount.  The HLTB bulk loaders allow for a bag to hang yet still be supported.  They can be used on reciculation loops and paint and pigment mixer tanks.


Pearl Filtration custom make a range of specialty bags and filter socks for tanks and pipes.



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  • 1HF4 High Flow Bag/Cartridge Filter Housing

Up to 750 litres per minute of water can be filtered using this high flow housing. 3" flanged top side inlet and the outlet is 180 degrees at the bottom.  This housing holds one unique 40" long pleated polypropylene cartridge and it's flow configuration is the same as a bag, i.e inside to outside.  

Cartridges are available in micron ratings ranging from 0.2 microns to 100 microns.  The housing has a swing bolt closure and is rated up to 10 bar operating pressure.

A single 1HF4 Housing can be used instead of 2 bag filters in parallel, thus keeping the installation costs down and having a smaller footprint.




Whether you are needing automotive paint Filtration, Filtration in resin production or Filtration in ink jet production and printing, Pearl Filtration can design and manufacture Filters and systems to suit your application and provide on-going support and products.


If you require a Filter Bag Housing which does not appear in the above list, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we do stock or can supply Specialty Filtration Housings not displayed here.


 Pearl Filtration is located at 23-25 Michellan Court, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia. We service customers Australia wide and internationally. Contact us on 03 9720 3101 or email