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Pearl Filtration is a large supplier of Filter Cartridges to all industries.  We have a wide range of Cartridges available for immediate despatch.  We specialise in Filter Cartridges and are able to recommend the correct product for you based on your specific requirements. 

 Pearl Filtration also specialise in custom Filtration solutions and can provide additional uniquely tailored Cartridges if required.

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Below is a list of standard Cartridges Pearl Filtration supplies:

Capsule filter cartridges are very small cartridges that are classified as a disposable final filter.

Capsule Filters can be used for small batches of filtering liquids for testing without changing the equipment and lines of established systems. 

Suitable for testing a new variety of wine or testing our quality Cartridges to assure our Filters will perform to our high standard if you choose to change your existing Filter Cartridges to our range for a cost-effective solution.  These capsule Filters are available in all our range of Cartridges including our Polypropylene Cartridges SPA, SPN and our PES Membrane Filter range.   







 CapsuleFilter.png - small

A complete range of self contained filters in materials ranging from Nylon 66, Glass Fibre, PTFE, Polypropylene, PES Membrane are available in various micron ratings. These filters are used for batch production or in for laboratory small scale research. These filters are bought in to order as the range is so large.




 Carbon Filter Cartridges 

CarbonCartridge.jpg - small 

Coconut based Activated Carbon cartridge designed for the reduction of Chlorine and thus improve

the taste of drinking water. Carbon cartridges are also used for de-chlorination of water used for

making foodstuffs and beverages. With lengths up to 1016mm long, they are versatile ideal for low

flowrate applications. The CBC cartridge can be supplied in a larger diameter to fit the Big Blue





Depth filter cartridges are an inexpensive, high efficiency solution that are compatible with many liquids.

SYP PP Depth Cartridges -

SYP.jpg - small

All Polypropylene melt blow cartridge in lengths up to 1016mm long, these cartridges are ideal for

the filtration of water compatible chemicals and potable water treatment. Each cartridge has a

filtration efficiency better than 95% and are used as pretreatment before RO or micro filtration.

Being inexpensive they are also used for edible oil filtration.


BBP Cartridges

bbm.jpg - small

All polypropylene depth cartridge designed to fit a Big Blue Cartridge housing. These cartridges are

suitable for domestic water filtration as well as general process water for manufacturing process.

The cartridge is cheap and often used to protect a downstream carbon filter. Available in either 10?

or 20? length.


Pearl Filtration is a quality supplier of Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges.  The advantages of these are that they are inexpensive, their graded depth characteristics ensure a longer service life, they have higher efficiency ratings than non-melt blown cartridges with filtration from 0.5 - 120 microns, and the Polypropylene micro-fibre material is compatible with many liquids.



Synopex SYP filter cartridges are a graded density melt blown polypropylene depth filters.  Their solid structure removes the need for an inner core and top and bottom gasket.  These are replacements to wound string cartridges and spongy spun bonded cartridges. Graded density means that particles are trapped within the structure, rather than just on the surface, resulting in both long life and excellent particle retention.   Made from FDA approved materials, SYP cartridges are the ideal pre-filter.  Click here for futher details: Page 1    Technical specifications:  Page 2


Other Depth Cartridges available are the above Polypropylene Depth Cartridges, however we also get a lot of orders for String Wound Depth Cartridges. 




Depth Filter Cartridge to suit X100 filter housings.



Glass Fibre Cartridges

GF -Glass Fibre Filter Cartridges

 GlassFibrePleatedCar1.png - small

These cartridges are used for the precise filtration of fine chemicals with an acid or alkaline make-up.

Also used as a pre-treatment to a sterilizable membrane . They have a low initial pressure drop and a maximum operating temperature of 100 degC. The glassfiber media is available in micron ratings up to 10 microns. An End Style to match the housing used is usually available.



High Flow Cartridges

HF High Flow Filter Cartridges

 HighFlux.png - small

These polypropylene media high capacity cartridges are available in micron ratings up to 100 micron. They are used in power generation, municipal water and large volume water processing applications including reverse Osmosis and desalination . Typically the cartridge is 60? long and 155mm in diameter. They are housed in our HF range of housings.




Membrane filter cartridges are suitable for the highest quality stabilisation and sterilisation purposes. They are ideal for water, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. 

PES Membrane filter Cartridges

PESPleatedCartridge.png - small 

For Wine production, bottle washing, beer, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic manufacture, these high grade integrity testable cartridges are used extensively throughout Australia. They are now available in 0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65 and 1.2 microns. Silicone gaskets as standard and double wrapped.

They should be protected by a pre-filter as their purpose is to produce a microbe free liquid as

opposed to a particle free liquid offed by polypropylene cartridges.



PES Membrane Filter Cartridges are available for the highest quality stabilisation and sterilisation purposes.  They use state of the art  polyethersulphone membrane technology.  PES is naturally hydrophillic with good chemical compatability and low extractables, making them ideal for purifed water, Wine, Beer and beverages. A DE-I water rinsed grade is available for pharmaceutical applications.  They are available as

0.1 0.2,0.45,0.65 and 1.2 microns.  PES membrane is  100% integrity testable.

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A cartridge which can tolerate ozonated water is now available.  The hydrophilic cartridge does not require pre-wetting. It is constructed from expanded PTFE membrane with PVDF core and cage and a Viton O ring.  Available in 0.2 microns Absolute and 100% integrity testable.

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PVDF Membrane Filters from Pearl Filtration.

Hydrophillic PVDF membrane (Polyvinlidene Difluoride) has long been recognised as the membrane of choice in critical filtration applications.  With ultra-low protein binding and extractables this filter was ideally used for pharmaceutical, ophthalmic and biological applications.  Pearl Filtration have value engineered a PVDF membrane filter to retain the performance characteristics but with a much more attractive price tag.  For more detailed infomation on the PVDF membrane filter please contact Pearl Filtration.  0397203101




PTFE membrane filter cartridges are used for chemicals which are not compatible with polypropylene media.  They are used particularly for the fine chemicals used in PCB manufacture.  The filters can be supplied with either polypropylene of PVDF componentry.

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Pleated filter cartridges are suited to the clarification of liquids. They have approximately 11 times more surface area than a depth cartridge which means that they will last longer.

BB Pleated Cartridges

BBPleatedCartridge.jpg - small 

These polyester pleated cartridges are designed to fit the Big Blue style plastic housings. They are

used throughout manufacturing processes for high volume and high cake removal. The cartridges

are used in municipal and residential building for particle removal for an economical cost. The

micron sizes are 1,5,10,20 and 50 micron and come in either 10? or 20? length.


 SCN Pleated Filter Cartridges

SCNPleatedCartridge.jpg - small 

SCN cartridges are polypropylene construction with gasket Double Open Ends. They are available in a

selection of lengths and micron ratings from 0.2 micron to 60 micron. Polypropylene media is superior to polyester as it has a better filtration efficiency. These cartridges are perfect pre-filters to membrane filters and are extensively used in water treatment applications. These are our economical range and are Nominal rated.


SPN Pleated Filter Cartridges

SPNPleatedCartridge.jpg - small 

This pleated polypropylene cartridge is available in Double Open Ended or with various end caps to suit many types of stainless steel filter housings. They are approx. 90% efficient at the rated micron rating and are employed either as pre-treatment to RO or as a final filter. Many 0.2 micron cartridges are used for Bottled Water applications and even Biodiesel production. Hospitals use SPN and PES grade filters for Endoscope Filtration.



 SPA Pleated Filter Cartridges

 SPAPleatedCartridge.png - small

Absolute rated pleated filter cartridges for effective sediment removal down to 0.45 microns. Many of the 10? long cartridges are used to produce boutique beers and wine clarification. They are also used to produce chemicals used in the pharmaceutical industry and a high grade of water for food manufacture. They are better than 99.9% efficient for removal of particulate.



Polyester pleated filter cartridges are nominally rated from 0.35 micron through to 100 micron.  They are typically used in Big Blue or Big White filter housings to provide a longer life than a spun bonded cartridge.  As there is no outer cage the cartridge can be cleaned and re-used.  A high temperature model is also available rated up to 95°.  


These cartridges are ideal for Pre-RO, waste water and mains water filtration.

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Pearl Filtration CPPL polypropylene pleated cartridges have been developed as an economical form of liquid clarification.  A pleated cartridge has approximately 11 times the surface area to a depth cartridge and therefore give a longer service life.  The micron rating is also generally easier to control so the filtration efficiecy is better than a depth cartridge.


A pleated polypropylene carridge can therefore provide better value for money than cheap depth cartridges.


CPPL are Low Cost Nominally rated Double Open Ended Cartridges with an outer cage to prevent hydraulic shock and a flat EPDM gasket.  Available in ratings from 0.2 to 30 microns.

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 SPN Cartridges are our flagship cartridge and the pleated polypropylene filter cartridge of choice for major clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.  


Synopex Cartridges are made in Korea to exact ISO9001 quality standards so each cartridge is identical to the next.  They use FDA approved polypropylene componentry and test data for each micron rating is available upon request.  Korean filter cartridges demonstrate a quality only found in expensive US or European cartridges.  They were developed for the local microelectronics industry where only the highest quality will do.

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SPA pleated cartridges are the Absolute rated version of the SPN cartridge.  Multi layers of media ensure 99.98% efficiency at the stated micron rating.


They are supplied in 0.45, 0.6, 1.2 and 4.5 microns in lengths from 10", 20", 30" and 40".  Code 7 or code 3 endcaps means that SPA and SPN cartridge will fit competitors housings as well as Pearl Filtration canisters.


SPN and SPA cartridges are used extensively in the beer, wine and beverage market.

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SPLN 83mm diameter cartridges are ideal for high flux applications requiring a long service life.  There are mostly sold to Micro Breweries for extended filtration life.


A standard 65mm diameter cartridge has 0.55m2 of filter media. SPLN has almost twice the media but they are not twice the price. 


Available in 10" length only with 222/flat end caps.  They are designed for the #10 Natural polypropylene cartridge housings.  Virgin Polypropylene housings are also  available from Pearl Filtration.

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High Flow Pleated polypropylene cartridges are used in power stations and municipal water treatment plants.


They are available in either Absolute or Nominal rings with type end cap designs to retrofit competitors housings.


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Stainless Steel Cartridges 

SSC Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges

 StainlessSteelCartri1.png - small

These cartridges are either supplied as plain cylindrical sintered wire cloth or pleated wire cloth.

They are used for high temperature applications or where a customer prefers to clean and re-use a

cartridge in preference to a disposable cartridge. They can be used on corrosive fluids, fluids under

high operating pressure or for steam filtration. Choice of lengths and end caps and a filtration range between 1 and 100 microns. Pleated elements have approx. 4 times the surface area to a plain cylindrical filter. Normal material ofconstruction is 316 stainless steel.



Wound Cartridges



 WoundCartridge2.jpg - small

Polypropylene string wound depth cartridge on either a stainless steel or polypropylene core. They are used for operating liquid temperatures up to 80 deg C. They are useful for edible oil filtration and hot water applications. Available in 250mm lengths in 1,5,10,25,50 and 100 micron. In many applications however a SYP cartridge should be considered over the old technology used in these cartridges.




If you require a type of Filter Cartridge which is not detailed above or if you would like advice about what filtration solution is right for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.