Pearl Filtration is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Filter bags for Air & Liquid with high stock levels ready for despatch.  We manufacture Bag Filters onsite in our fully equpped production warehouse based in Bayswater, Victoria.  All dimensions can be produced upon request at a micron rating to suit your specific application.


Our range of Nylon & Polyester monofilament bags, polypropylene & polyester felt bags are made in Australia.







See below for our standard range of Liquid Filtration Bags:


  • NY Nylon Monofilament Bags 
NY1-800.png - small

Monofilament material is used extensively in the food and dairy sector and due to filtration occurring on the surface of the material it is used for viscous liquids including syrups and oils. The bags are hard wearing, offer a low pressure drop and can be gravity fed. Pearl Filtration

manufacture many forms of bags to suit specific applications. We keep a huge range of material

rolls from 37 micron to 1250 micron to manufacture and size or design required. The standard bags are routinely kept in stock.

  • PE Polyester Felt Filter Bags 
PE2Bag.jpg - small

Polyester felt is an inexpensive hard wearing material with good chemical compatibility. Our felt is FDA approved and is silicone free. It is used extensively throughout the paint and coating industry and for water and chemical filtration. Nominal bag micron ratings range from 0.5 to 200 micron. Bags are manufactured in four common sizes with either a metal ring or a plastic collar but Pearl Filtration also has the capacity to custom manufacture. Most bags are off the shelf and reasonably priced. Pearl Filtration also sells the raw material to other manufacturers wanting to use PE felt.

  • PP Polypropylene Felt Filter Bags 
FeltBag.jpg - small

Polypropylene felt is slightly more efficient at the rated micron than polyester and we stich using Polypropylene thread for compatibility to certain chemicals. The material is FDA approved and silicone free. These sock bags are used for most water filtration applications from 1 micron to 200 micron. They are supplied in four sizes and can have polylok or sentinel style plastic collars. We provide the material in rolls of 2.1 metres wide and 50 meters long.


  • PEM Polyester Monofilament 
PEMBag.jpg - smallPolyester Monofilament are used where nylon bags are unacceptable. They can handle higher temperatures and are useful for chemical filtration particularly acids. Polyester Monofilament is preferred for honey filtration and other viscous liquids as the product can filter easier. All PEM bags are manufactured in house to Pearl Filtration Quality Standards.


  • PPA Polypropylene Absolute rated bags 
PPASIZE1Absoluterate1.jpg - smallA triple layer of polypropylene media including a polypropylene media creates a filter bag with a better than 90% efficiency at the rated micron level. The bags are available in 0.2, 0.5,1,3 and 5 micron and are either supplied as a size 1 or 2 bag. They are used for fine chemicals, wine and bottled water, biodiesel and ecoat production. The ideal bag should be fully welded in construction as to avoid pin holes.


  • PPX Extended Life Bags 
PPXSize2ExtendedLife2.jpg - small

A triple layer bag with an unsinged pre-filter, backing material and a singed outer layer creates a bag that can extend service life by up to 30% with only a very small increase in cost. They are perfect where bag change-out needs to be extended in remote applications and the triple layer gives a better removal efficiency. Waste and Process water filtration are good applications They are good for paints and lacquers and ecoat paints and chemicals. Either supplied with a plastic collar or steel ring.

  • Designer Filter Bags 
DesignerPPAFilterBag.png - small

Since no two applications are the same Pearl Filtration has the capacity to manufacture multilayer bags to a customer?s specification. This can be used where one bag housing can filter down by steps rather than having multiple housings in series. The scope of possibility is enormous as one can mix pre- filter layers with Absolute rated layers to create the perfect bag for many applications. This style of bag is used for chemicals filtration and Automotive Paints. It is also used in Aquaculture and fish hatcheries.



We also have a complete retrofit range of bags to replace competitor?s bags. Such bags can be pleated non-woven. Pleated Absolute rated AXP range

  • Customised Filter Bags
CustomBag.jpg - small

Pearl Filtration carries a wide range of filtration materials that we convert into designs proposed by our customers. Such bags can be tied onto pipes used as flexible joints between hoppers, custom cut to fit drains, interceptors and any equipment needing a filter. As we make the bags in Australia our turnaround time is very short and we cater to both small and large volume requirements.


Pearl Filtration has a state of the art clean sewing room with numerous industrial machines able to create almost anything.

  • CARB Carbon Filter Bags 
CarbonBag.jpg - smallOffer a relatively high flowrate alternative to loose fill carbon yet for a fraction of the cost of carbon cartridges. The internal design of the bag is such that the passage of water through the bag allows for maximum contact with the coconut carbon medium. They are used for chlorine reduction, ideal for potable water applications and for trace oil removal for truck washing for example. Two sizes are sold. One is designed to fit the all plastic HPPB housing and the other fits a size 2 bag filter. The outer bag micron rating is 10 micron so it is advisable to pre-filter to at least 10 micron to ensure a long service life. The bags are also used for liquid purification and some heavy metal reduction.
  • OIL Removal Bags 
OilBag(2).png - small

It has long been know that polypropylene micro fibre is excellent of absorbing both mineral and synthetic oils. Pearl Filtration Oil removal bags are used for oil removal in truck wash and environmentally sensitive areas such a remote mine sites. The bags are cheap and easy to dispose of. The bags could also be used for the removal of oil laden condensate prior to disposal down the drain. They can be used upstream of a carbon filter as primary oil removal. The slower the flowrate the better to oil reduction. The multi layers increase the surface area by 2.5 times and twice the oil removal efficiency



Two styles are currently available OAP which is our standard oil removal bag and PPAB which is packed with micro fibres for ultimate oil removal capability.

  • SEM Water Removal Bags 
SEMBag.png - smallA unique bag fabricated from starch fibres. This bag will remove trace water from various types of mineral oil, fuel oil, lubrication and transformer oil. The fibre is capable of retaining water content up to 70 times its own dry weight.
  • Pleated Bag Filter 


Increasing the flow rate or life expectancy of a bag filter system has often required costly additional filter housings or modifications to existing filter housings. In this situation Pearl Filtration could supply a “pleated” bag filter. This bag filter, available in size 1 or size 2,  fits the existing bag filter housing so requires no additional housings or hardware modifications and allows immediate change. The pleated bag filter has typically 5 times the surface area of a standard bag filter, producing the potential for increased flow rate and increased filter life expectancy. The pleated bag filter’s increased life expectancy can also provide significant benefits in reduced down time and costly labour time in changing filters. With a wide range of micron ratings the pleated bag filter flows inside to out so capturing the retained contamination and offers quick and efficient options to increase the flow rate or life expectancy of bag filter systems.


Pearl Filtration specialise in liquid and air filtration for commercial industry. We service customers in Australia and international. 

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