Pearl Filtration offers a wide variety of Air Filtration Media products at very reasonable prices. All Pearl Filtration Filter Media is available in cut pad or in rolls.  Please contact us for pricing and more detailed specification information.



G2 Filter Media


Grey media used extensively for domestic Air Return grilles. This media is designed to provide a high quality washable media to meet the market requirements for a G2 rated media and give a good service life in a variety of filter configurations. It is particularly applicable for in-room air conditioners and similar units with little capacity to overcome resistance in the filter media.

G3 Filter Media


White used throughout commercial and Industrial Applications. This media is designed to meet the market requirements for a consistent, washable, G3 rated media suitable for use in all configurations from flat pad, through v-form configurations, to sewn bag filters.

G4 Filter Media


White. This media is employed in the food industry. Suitable for high grade air conditioning and ventilation applications, for use in extended area filters, or for minimising the growth of submicron particles in a conditioned environment.



Strip-N-Clean Filter Media


Strip-n-Clean is a filter media designed for spray booths. For all types of spray booths and painting requiring pre-exhaust filtration. It is made from long and continuous fibres, bonded with special thermo-setting resins. The material density is progressively increased from the air intake to air leaving side. The paint over-spray is uniformly stored through the filter thickness giving a higher paint capacity. 

Should the media surface become heavily coated with paint, the front section can be stripped off, thus extending the life of the media.

Strippadble Exhaust Media (SEM) Filter 


SEM is an economical, safer to use, strippable media for paint spraying booths. This Media has been developed as an economical filter for use in the exhaust of paint spray booths. It is designed to be fitted in pads or hung in sheets and when the first layer(s) are loaded with paint dust they can be stripped off to give virtually new media. This process can be carried out several times before the media has to be replaced. The multi-layered structure makes this media an economical alternative to other products which have to be replaced as a complete unit every time.


Airslide Fabric

Airslide Fabric

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Airslide fabrics can be used wherever bulk materials are pneumatically conveyed. The main industries served include the cement industry (raw cement powder and clinker dust), Aluminum, Chalk and Gypsum industries, in powder plants (fly ash discharge), carbon dust, pharmaceutical, Flour products, paper for cardboard industries and chemical industries etc.



Belt Press Cloths



De-Watering Belt

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Polyester dehydrates the net product.

High Breaking Strength Belt Cloth

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With fine and even meshes, high breaking strength belt cloth is widely used in the printing,mining, selection and food industries.


Filter Press Cloths

Filter cloths for industrial solid/liquid separation are well designed for various filter press models including plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, belt filter press, drum filter, disk filter centrifuge filters and vacuum filters.  These are used extensively in the chemical and metallurgy industries as well as in the paper industry for pulp cooking and paper drying.


Non Woven Needlefelt

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Roll width is 1.8 metres generally which can be cut down.  Contact Pearl Filtration for sewing material into various shapes.  All material kept in stock as standard.

Woven Nylon or Polyester Monofilament material by the Roll. (NY data sheet)

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Roll width typically 1.7 metres wide.  Used in many applications from marine aquaculture to rainwater pre-filters to paint disposal media. Polyester monofilament is used for screen printing inks. The media can be cut to size.


Non Woven Polyester paper

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 Used for fry oil, waste water DAP plants and paper fed conveyors.


Oil Absorbent Sheets and Booms



The all polypropylene micro fibre  media has an adsorbent capacity up to 23 times its weight. They are packaged in boom socks and individual sheets and a useful filter bag insert.  The media is also  are used for oil spill clean-up, machine shop oil removal, Wastewater Oil Removal and Truck Wash down bays.



We stock a a full range of  needlefelt material including Polyester, Popyprolene, Acrylic, Aramid mex, PPS, P84, PTFE.These can be used for a variety of applications including: different treatment, singed and calendering treatment, antistatic treatment, oil and water repellant treatment, anti adhesive treatment, PTFE membrane, fire resistant treatment etc.


If you require Filtration Media which does not appear in the above list, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we do carry more Filtration Media not displayed here.  Rolls may be sold per roll, per metre or cut pads.