Pearl Filtration is a dedicated supplier of Microfiltration products and equipment for critical hospital, medical and patient care applications.  Equipped with the latest manufacturing techniques, materials and expertise, we provide the very best solutions to a wide range of Filtration challenges.  Whether it is the Filtration of raw water, gases, steam or critical fluids, we provide Filtration products and systems ensuring effective, economical and efficient solutions. 


Our most popular medical Filtration product are our Endoscopy Filtration Cartridges but we stock a very wide range of products that are useful in a variety of medical applications such as:


  • Endoscopy

Pear Filtration provides filtration systems to match existing hospital systems as well as providing OEM solutions for proprietory automatic systems.


The standard filtration system comprises of 1 or 2 pre-filters followed by a final filter. The prefilters are high dirt holding bioburden reduction filters that will remove solid and microbiological contaminants that may be present in the water supply. These prefilters protect the absolute rated pharmaceutical grade sterilising filter that removes all micro-organisms thus ensuring the water is sterile. Sterile rinse water is essential where invasive procedures are performed.


  • Dialysis

Water used in dialysis machines must be clean and free of particulates. Prefiltration ensures that the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are protected and operate correctly. Pearl Filtration prefilters pre RO followed by sterilising-grade membrane cartridge filters post RO are generally recommended.


  • Transplant Units

Organ transplantation patients are very susceptible to infection, for example from micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium. All patient contact water must be sterilised, this includes drinking, washing and bathing water. Pre and sterilising grade Pearl Filtration filters are used to remove micro-organisms from such water supplies.


  • Hydrotherapy Pools

Exercise and hydrotherapy pools have a high need for water filtration. Typically these pools are used by a large number of patients and water can become contaminated by both organic material from patients, and by high levels of microbial content. One method to maintain safe pool water is to install Pearl Filtration high dirt and microbial holding filters of sufficient size to filter the water at least three times per day.


  • Surgical Hand Washing

Ensuring hygienic and sterile conditions exist during hand washing is paramount. Pearl Filtration has developed a special filtration unit based on the demi cap filter that is used for sterilising surgeon hand wash water. The filter removes solid particles and micro-organisms down to 0.2 micron, ensuring that the water used is sterile. This unit is supplied with its own fittings and water dispensing system.


  • Medical Gases/Vaccum Systems

Pearl Filtration also supplies medical gas filtration products. Our range can handle a wide array of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air and other medical gases. Filters to remove solid particulate down to 0.1 micron are available.


  • Pharmaceutical

Pearl Filtration supplies a wide variety of filtration products for application areas in the pharmaceutical industry. Our bags and cartridges are used in the manufacturing of antibiotics, vaccines, plasma and synthetic production of medicines.

  • Autoclaves and steam

Pearl Filtration has a range of autoclave filters which are used for vacuum break applications on autoclave systems. Based on the depth media or PTFE membrane filtration techniques, they are used routinely throughout the world to sterilise the air coming into the autoclave after the sterilisation cycle. These filters can also be used as sterile vents on small liquid storage tanks.


Steam is used throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for the sterilisation of tanks, vessels, pipes and process systems. Steam must be clean and free from solid particulate that could contaminate equipment and reduce plant service life. This problem is magnified where solid particulate is produced due to rust or pipe-scale or where a chemical residue from water additiive is present. Pearl Filtration controls these contaminants using a range of steam filters that offer high flow rates and long service life.


  • Raw Water

Water entering the site from the mains, bore holes or from wells needs different levels of filtration depending on locaton, time of year and final intended use.The use of Pearl Filtration high dirt holding capacity prefiltration reduces the level of solid contamination entering the treatment system. Prefiltration grades can be used as 'guard' filters after carbon beds or deionisation resin bed water treatment stages. The use of microfiltration cartridges ensures removal of carbon fines or solid DI resin discharges that would cause fouling of other downstream treatment devices. Absolute rated membrane filters can be used to sterilise the water by the removal of all microbiological contaminants and solid particles at the point of use.


In addition to the above, Pearl Filtration is also equipped to supply filtration solutions in the areas of: hand washing, laboratories, lasers, pharmacy, steam, transplant units and x-ray.


If you require a Medical Filtration solution which does not appear on this page, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we do supply products for applications not specifically mentioned here.


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