PES Membrane Filter Cartridges are available for the highest quality stabilisation and sterilisation purposes.  They use state of the art  polyethersulphone membrane technology.  PES is naturally hydrophillic with good chemical compatability and low extractables, making them ideal for purifed water, Wine, Beer and beverages. A DE-I water rinsed grade is available for pharmaceutical applications.  They are available as

0.1 0.2,0.45,0.65 and 1.2 microns.  PES membrane is  100% integrity testable.

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A cartridge which can tolerate ozonated water is now available.  The hydrophilic cartridge does not require pre-wetting. It is constructed from expanded PTFE membrane with PVDF core and cage and a Viton O ring.  Available in 0.2 microns Absolute and 100% integrity testable.

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PTFE membrane filter cartridges are used for chemicals which are not compatible with polypropylene media.  They are used particularly for the fine chemicals used in PCB manufacture.  The filters can be supplied with either polypropylene of PVDF componentry.

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