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Pearl Filtration is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filtration design and equipment with an extensive range of bag and cartridge filtration housings in 304 or 316 in stainless steel. These housings are suitable for a wide range of liquids/pressures/flowrates in sizes from 1" up to 10".  



3,5 or 7 Round Housing for 600kPa

An economical clamp closure stainless steel cluster housing fabricated from 304 or 316 stainless steel.  These housings can accomodate 3,5 or 7 standard filer cartridges in each vessel.  smaller diameter housings have a polished finish and can be supplied with tri-clover fittings upon request. Ideal for commercial building plant rooms, water filtration and RO pre-treatment. Click here for more details

Round Housing for 1000kPa

304 or 316 stainless steel housing containing 7 standard filter cartridges.

2" BSP or 2" ANSI flanged inlet outlet ports and a sand blast finish as standard.  Swing bolt closure ensures that the top cover seals effectively. These housings are ideal for the filtration of chemicals or industrial filtration. Click here for more details

Multi-Round Cartridge Housing

From 15 filtration cartridges up to 160 round these fabricated filters are ideal for high flowrates such as large rainwater recovery systems and process water.  Swing bolt closure on the top lid makes for easy access to the filter elements.

Multi Round High Flow Cartridge Housing

These large stainless steel horizontal vessels are primarily designed for the 155mm diameter x 60? long pleated high flow cartridges designed by 3M or Pall.  The hinged lid is held in place by swing bolts and an internal screen prevents the cartridge from rupturing.  They are used for municipal applications or groundwater treatment or waste water recovery systems.  They are also used on large scale heat exchangers where large volumes of clean water is required.
Sanitaryfilterhousin1.jpg - smallMulti Round Sanitary Grade Housings These housings have tri-clover inlet/outlet ports and typically a designed to hold code 7, code 8 or Code 3 filter cartridges.   Ra polished housings are available on request. These housings are used for wine making, beer and soft drink applications and for fine chemical or pharmaceutical base chemical production. 

Duplex Bag Filter

image coming soon....

A possible duty/standby set-up with flanged connections throughout so isolation valves can be added if required.  Facility for additional pressure differential gauge.  Suitable for higher flowrates or where a rapid change over is required for an economical price.  Available with flanged connections or tri-clamp.

MultiBagHousing.JPG - small

Multi-Round Bag Housing

From four Gaf bags to 18 size 2 filter bags these stainless steel multi round housings have the potential for large flowrates and are suitable in the mining, agriculture or potable water applications.  The  top cover has multiple swing bolts to secure and a mechanical davit to aid bag replacement.

Quick Release Multi Round Bag Filter 

A compact housing developed for paint and chemicals which allows fast quick access to the bags without the need to release numerous swing bolts.  A single wheel secures the clamp yet the filter casing is pressure rated to 140 psi.  This vessel is designed for constant opening and being squat in nature it is user friendly in regards to bag change-out.


If you require a Multi-Round Filter Housing which does not appear in the above list, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we do stock Specialty Filtration Housings not displayed here.


  Pearl Filtration is located in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia.  We service customers Australia and international.  For filters contact us on 03 9720 3101 or email