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Pearl Filtration supplies Filtration solutions for basic paints to the highest quality automotive finishes, inks, and high capacity magnetic coatings.



HLTB Bulk LoadersHLTB consist of only three components, including an industrial standard basket, an inlet adaptor lead and a single O-ring gasket. This design allows pressurized inlet flow. At the same time, it can be dropped into any liquid holding tank to perform direct-contact filtration, eliminating the need for separate filter housing installations. These come in 3 sizes - please contact us for details. 
Tie-on Filter Bags

Tie-on filter bags are useful for open system filtration of liquids flowing by gravity or light pumping. 


They boast fast installation and removal & low cost. 

Adaptor Heads & Filter BagsAn adaptor head increases the efficiency of a filter bag by holding it open without the need for a support basket. Adaptor heads are made from stainless steel and are usually threaded onto outlet pipes. The bag is slipped over the plate which is simpler than tying on to the pipe. 






Whether you are needing automotive paint Filtration, Filtration in resin production or Filtration in ink jet production and printing, Pearl Filtration can design and manufacture Filters and systems to suit your application and provide on-going support and products.  


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