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Pearl Filtration supply a complete range of Plastic Filter housings.  Bag or cartridge housings are readily available.  



HPPB732.jpg - small

The PBB732 SWING BOLT housing is a PVC size 2 bag filter with 2" flanged ports.

It is specifically designed for salt water applications or applications where stainless steel may pit or corrode.


Pearl Filtration also has available the PBU732 filter bag housing is an all PVC size 2 bag filter rated to 4 bar pressure.  It is ideal for aquaculture and tradewaste applications.  Suitable for flowrates up to 400L per minute.


Both units have silicon seals and is supplied with a set of tripod legs.

Optional extras are avilable.



HPPB732.jpg - small

The CPU series filter cartridge housings are fully fabricated from PVC and have 2" flanged inline inlet/outlet ports.  This housing is available as a 5 round or 9 round for higher flow rates.

These housings take a standard 2.5 " DOE filter cartridge.

Available with either a union or swingbolt closure.  Theses housings are rated to 4 bar G.



The following housings hold a standard 65mm diameter double open ended filter cartridge:


1)  5" housing with ¼" NPT ports for instrumentation protection.


2)  10" blue housing with ¼", ½", ¾" and 1" BSP ports for domestic filtration, caravans, boats and general industrial filtration applications.  Click here for data sheet


3)  10" clear housing with ¾" ports for applications where cartridge visability is necessary such as machine cooling loops. 


4)   20" blue housing with ¾" or 1" ports used for make-up water in the food & beverage industry and general filtration applications.




Pearl Filtration can assemble plastic housings for particular requirements such as pre- filtration for endoscopy or post mix.  The housings are all pressure tested before despatch and optional pressure gauges, vent valve and virgin polypropylene housings are all optional extras.


  • Disinfection system using UV and Filters

Some applications require pathogen free water for drinking or ice making machines.  A combination of sediment filtration and UV disinfection can be built for any flow rate.  Pictured is a assembled unit suitable for up to 15 litres per minute.  Featured is a twin filtration system with inlet and outlet monitoring gauges, stainless steel flexible tubing and a 20 watt high efficiency UV unit.




Big blue plastic filter housings are used for higher flow rates or for more filtration surface area for longer life.  The housings are all polypropylene in blue and SAN for the clear housing.  Port sizes are either 1" or 1.5".

Optional extras include L shaped wall bracket, opening spanner and inlet/outlet pressure gauges.  Use the big blue housing with Pearl Filtration RAI series pleated cartridges for long service life at a reasonable price.


    • Economy Bag Filter
    BBF Plastic Housing

    The BBF filter bag housing is ideal for the filtration of greywater or pre-UV domestic water.  The filter makes an ideal pre-treatment for cartridge filtration as the bag can be removed, cleaned and replaced.  The housing is either 1" or 1.5" BSP inline ported and rated up to 6 barG operating pressure.  Suitable for flowrates up to 100 l/min.


    An inexpensive all polypropylene filter housing  for rainwater harvesting, ground water remidiation and grey water filtration applications.  This housing is also suitable for salt water and is used for marine and aquaculture applications.  Filter bags from 1 to 1000 micron are available.  These bags also suit the X100 housing.  Activated carbon bags and oil removal bags are also available.   

    click here for more details  HPPB100                                                     



    HPPB732.jpg - small

    The HPPB732 Housing is ideal for Rainwater tank Filtration. This all polypropylene housing is used for rainwater harvesting facilities where the flowrates are high.  The housing takes a size 2 filter bag so each housing takes a maximum flowrate of 500 l/min.  The inlet is 2? BSP and there is a choice of two outlets so the housings can be orientated for multiple housing installations. 



    All polypropylene natural cartridge filters are used for high purity filtration and DE-I water recirculation loops.  Available with 3/4" ports and available in 10" or 20" lengths suiting either DOE or code D filter elements.


    These housings can be supplied with upstream and downstream tapping points and optional drain port.


    •  High Flow Virgin Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housing

    High flow virgin polypropylene cartridge filter housing with 1" BSP ports.

    This housing holds an 83mm diameter pleated 10" filter cartridge.

    The cartridge is available in PES or polypropylene filter medium.

    The housing has tapping points for measurement of pressure differential and a drain plug in the bowl.

    This housing, part number 'HCPP011-1"BSP' is ideally suited for DE-I water and point of use filtration.                                                                                                     



    •  High Flow Virgin Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housing - Union ports HCPP Housing

    All Virgin polypropylene filter housing with union ports designed to take a wide diameter 10" cartridge for flows up to 80L/min                                                  



    Pearl Filtration is located in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia.  For filters and complete filter systems, please contact us on 03 9720 3101 or email