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Polyester pleated filter cartridges are nominally rated from 0.35 micron through to 100 micron.  They are typically used in Big Blue or Big White filter housings to provide a longer life than a spun bonded cartridge.  As there is no outer cage the cartridge can be cleaned and re-used.  A high temperature model is also available rated up to 95°.  


These cartridges are ideal for Pre-RO, waste water and mains water filtration.

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Pearl Filtration CPPL polypropylene pleated cartridges have been developed as an economical form of liquid clarification.  A pleated cartridge has approximately 11 times the surface area to a depth cartridge and therefore give a longer service life.  The micron rating is also generally easier to control so the filtration efficiecy is better than a depth cartridge.


A pleated polypropylene carridge can therefore provide better value for money than cheap depth cartridges.


CPPL are Low Cost Nominally rated Double Open Ended Cartridges with an outer cage to prevent hydraulic shock and a flat EPDM gasket.  Available in ratings from 0.2 to 30 microns.

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 SPN Cartridges are our flagship cartridge and the pleated polypropylene filter cartridge of choice for major clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.  


Synopex Cartridges are made in Korea to exact ISO9001 quality standards so each cartridge is identical to the next.  They use FDA approved polypropylene componentry and test data for each micron rating is available upon request.  Korean filter cartridges demonstrate a quality only found in expensive US or European cartridges.  They were developed for the local microelectronics industry where only the highest quality will do.

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SPA pleated cartridges are the Absolute rated version of the SPN cartridge.  Multi layers of media ensure 99.98% efficiency at the stated micron rating.


They are supplied in 0.45, 0.6, 1.2 and 4.5 microns in lengths from 10", 20", 30" and 40".  Code 7 or code 3 endcaps means that SPA and SPN cartridge will fit competitors housings as well as Pearl Filtration canisters.


SPN and SPA cartridges are used extensively in the beer, wine and beverage market.

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SPLN 83mm diameter cartridges are ideal for high flux applications requiring a long service life.  There are mostly sold to Micro Breweries for extended filtration life.


A standard 65mm diameter cartridge has 0.55m2 of filter media. SPLN has almost twice the media but they are not twice the price. 


Available in 10" length only with 222/flat end caps.  They are designed for the #10 Natural polypropylene cartridge housings.  Virgin Polypropylene housings are also  available from Pearl Filtration.

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Glass Fibre medium filter cartridges provide precise filtration and low presure drops. They can be operated up to 100°C.


Used for fine chemical filtration especially chemicals high a higher viscosity requiring a high grade of filtration.

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High Flow Pleated polypropylene cartridges are used in power stations and municipal water treatment plants.


They are available in either Absolute or Nominal rings with type end cap designs to retrofit competitors housings.


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