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Pearl Filtration provides quality Air purification equipment for all industry applications including the production of Sterile Air.  Pearl Filtration can design, manufacture and provide on-going support and products to suit your application. For all enquiries:  PH: 03 97203101.





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Pearl Filtration can now offer Integrity Tesing Services  for cartridge filters. 

Integrity testing is an essential part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure the filter is performing to specifications. 

This service can be used for troubleshooting or routine filter checking.



  • Sterile Air Housing HGCF 
Sterile Air Housing HGCFA stainless steel range of sterile air housings with in-line triclover ports.  Single cartridge  housings are available in 5”, 10” ,20”,30 and 40”.  Multi round housings can also be fabricated.  The cartridge type is 226 O ring with the locking lug and the housing internals are specifically designed for maximum air flow for  the lowest pressure drop.
  • Vent Housing HVCF
Vent Housing VCFA stainless steel polished housing with 2” triclover port to mount onto a tank to act as a sterile venting point. Refer to Pearl Filtration for sizing.  The vent housing is available in 5”,10” and 20” lengths. A series of holes on the underside of the housing allows the air to pass.  A single tool free clamp means that change-out is quick, secure and simple.

PTFE Filters-Sterile Air

 PTFEMembraneCartridge.png - small0.2 microns absolute filtration for sterile air from a Compressed Air source. They are commonly used as vent filters for food manufacturing processes and in the Pharmaceutical industry for tank venting. Smaller junior range filters are used on DE-I tanks as air breathers. These filters are also used to break vacuum on an Autoclave. Filters are available in lengths up to 762mm and typically have code 7 end caps.