Pearl Filtration provides quality Air purification equipment for all industry applications including the production of Sterile Air.  Pearl Filtration can design, manufacture and provide on-going support and products to suit your application.  Please contact our Air division on 03 97202933.


  • Sterile Air Housing HGCF 
Sterile Air Housing HGCF A stainless steel range of sterile air housings with in-line triclover ports.  Single cartridge  housings are available in 5”, 10” ,20”,30 and 40”.  Multi round housings can also be fabricated.  The cartridge type is 226 O ring with the locking lug and the housing internals are specifically designed for maximum air flow for  the lowest pressure drop.



  • Vent Housing HVCF
Vent Housing VCF A stainless steel polished housing with 2” triclover port to mount onto a tank to act as a sterile venting point. Refer to Pearl Filtration for sizing.  The vent housing is available in 5”,10” and 20” lengths. A series of holes on the underside of the housing allows the air to pass.  A single tool free clamp means that change-out is quick, secure and simple.